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Happy Holidays readers!
I love Christmas and Christmas romances always give me that delicious feeling of this year I wrote my own. Sample it and download it via Kindle right now!

WISH by Amber Kizer


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***Starred Review from Kirkus for PIECES OF ME:

"This unusual and affecting story ties the lives of five completely different teens together through the transplant donations of one who dies.

The five teens are Jessica, a shy girl with a wealthy socialite mother; Sam, a boy who believes in miracles and spends his life blogging; Vivian, a talented artist with no social life; Leif, a football star with demanding, famous-athlete parents; and Misty, a girl from a poor, immigrant family. Four of them will receive the organs of one who dies. The ghostly donor, always watching each recipient but unable to communicate with him or her, narrates the story as the four surviving teens move toward one another and, eventually, toward the memory of the donor. At last, when one recipient appears to be in serious danger, the rest work together in an effort to help. Kizer keeps her focus on the difficult choices each character faces while effectively penning attractive, three-dimensional portraits of each. If the parents remain somewhat flat, each teen comes across as a realistic, unique individual whom readers will care for. Each has a different choice to make as well: Who will stand up to their parents? Who will reach out to others? And how will the narrator, the dead character, come to peace with death?

Different, sensitive and emotional, as well as an effective argument for organ donation. (Paranormal fiction. 12 & up)"

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For those who love WALKING DEAD and survival stories...
A MATTER OF DAYS will keep you turning pages!
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A Matter of Days has been selected a
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Truman Award Nominee. 

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